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Made from the finest 100% silk adorned with precious sequins, this creation pays tribute to butterfly wings with captivating lavender beads forming a graphical checkered effect, reminiscent of their intricate patterns. A dress that embodies the grace and beauty of butterflies.

Cascading layers of ruffles add elegance and movement, akin to butterfly wings fluttering. The striking back design, with a revealing crossed detail, symbolizes transformation and sensuality.

This Sara Kassem creation is wearable art, capturing the essence of nature's beauty. Lavishly hand-embellished lavender sequins infuse an aura of enchantment and timeless glamour.

When you wear this dress, you embody the elegance of butterflies. Perfect for grand events, it celebrates silk, sequins, and the delicate wonder of butterflies, making you feel like a masterpiece of nature.

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